Saturday, 22 February 2014

Away for a while...

Well, just a quick note to say that I am still here, and I'm now a parent :)

Everyone is doing well, all three of us are just adjusting to the new routine and so there may be a lack of posting here for a while :)



  1. Yea!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, sweetie!!!! I am SO, SO happy for you and Mrs. Stace and your new addition. Here's wishing you all joyful days and restful nights. ;c) Sending good wishes and hugs your way right now. Congratulations again!

    Hugs & love,

  2. Gefeliciteerd Stace met je transparently staus.
    Gefeliciteerd lief kind met zulke geweldige ouders.
    Geluk en gezondheid voor jullie allemaal.

  3. Congratulations! That's wonderful news. I hope everything goes well. Good luck to you, Mrs Stace and Junior. Lynn X

  4. Congratulations to both you and Mrs Stace on your new arrival.
    May your babies life be filled with health and happiness.

  5. To have two mothers, a dream come true for some very lucky child.

    Not sure that the parent shall ever have time to post again...

    Congratulations to you all.

  6. I'm so happy for you two.....ah.....THREE!

  7. Thanks all! Life is going well, and we are getting sleep most nights :) Now that we are past the first few weeks we have started to try and get a routine so that we can get back to some kind of normal life (not that lying in bed until midday cuddling the little guy was a problem, but maybe not doable for work ;p )


  8. Yea for sleep! And for cuddling, now that I think about it. :D

    So happy to hear you are all doing well! I've been thinking of you all every day. My friends here are all thrilled for you, and asked me to pass along their congratulations. My colleague John asked if Kleintje would be interested in some junior developer work, so take that under advisement. It's never too early for him to start earning his keep, after all. ;c)

    I hope you have already started his musical education - although you may want to hold off on Muse's discography for a few more weeks. You don't want him jaded at two months once he realizes nothing will top them. lol

    Be well, sweetie! Love you all!!!