Thursday, 5 September 2013

Too damn hot!

It's 5th September, the last days of summer are falling away and autumn is on the horizon. I've even seen some leaves starting to turn!

And yet...  Today I have decided to cancel my run as doing it in mid 30's (centigrade obviously!) just seems like asking for trouble.  Standing in the shade the humidity is killing me.  When you get under the sun (there are no clouds) you just start leaking water immediately.

Seeing as I get hot when I run I'm going to guess that it wouldn't be too healthy to do that for an hour...


Mrs Stace calls me Goldilocks, as I really can't take temperature differences. I like it about 20 to 22 degrees (maybe up to 30 in low humidity).  Much colder and I am, well, cold.  Much warmer and I just stop functioning.  Everything starts to become too much hassle, I get irritated by the slightest thing and generally don't have a good time. It really needs to be just right for me to enjoy it.

Still, at least when it's cold I can wrap up. Or go for a run to warm up. Or climb under a lovely warm blanket with a hot cup of tea / coffee / hot chocolate / mulled wine.

I can't do that when it's this hot!


  1. Hear, hear on the hot temperatures. Perhaps a good run before the hot choccy to shed the calories? I did try a run after mulled wine. It didn't end well. :-)

    1. I try not to run after alcohol... Even too much the night before makes the run the next morning a little more difficult :)

      I just hope that tomorrow morning the temperature isn't too bad!

  2. Hi Stace,

    I have never handled heat well, particularly the humid, muggy kind New England typically endures each summer.

    Since I began my transition, however, I am now bothered when it gets chilly as well. I often need to pull on a sweater at work because I start to shiver uncontrollably! Such is the life of a lass, I suppose...

    == Cass

    1. As someone in the office keeps telling me: Layers!

      I can see it (and do it in the Winter) but in the summer it's just not doable - one layer is already too much!