Thursday, 26 July 2012


About 5 weeks ago I sent off my application for a new passport, as Stacy.

A couple of weeks ago they took 200 euros from my credit card (though I am not sure that means anything, they warn you that if you apply for a passport they will take your money anyway!).

On Wednesday DHL left me a message saying they had tried to deliver a package that originated in the UK and needed signing for...

Could this be my passport? (And the return of my doctors letter and deed poll?)

Or could it be a rejection saying I did not have the right supporting documents!

I have to admit I am nervous as hell!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! As you will maybe have seen it was good!

  2. I am sure it will be fine and its your passport.
    God 200 Euros is expensive. I paid the standard price for a 10 year passport. I think it was around £80.00. Have they put the prices up that much!!!

    1. I thought so... If i had been in the UK it would have been much, much cheaper. But living abroad means that they can fleece you without having a choice of what to do...

      Oh well, it's here, Mrs Stace says that it's correct (I've yet to see it as I am work) so now I can continue my life :)

      And of course a big thank you for all of your help!


    2. Thats no problem at all.
      Hope to see you on your next trip over.