Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sugar, Sugar

Over the last month I have started to get get into some kind of routine - from going running again, cycling and building my own machines.

One of the cycling trips that I did over the last couple of months was to visit an old sugar factory and try to get some nice shots.  It had been a while since I have really tried to get some nice pictures and I was really happy with the results.  I hope you like them too :)

I was playing with HDR for the first time here.  I love how the clouds have come out.  This is a cycle path next to the Polderbaan runway at Schiphol what we had to travel to get to the factory

This time I was looking for something akin to the plates that you get in 1950's and 1960's books
Different angle, same building and going for a more 1970's feel

No one at work believes me that this is just from playing with Saturation .  No HDR or other PhotoShop  trickery :)

The old sugar factory chimney juxtaposed with the new 'Sugar Silo' office centres being built to  regenerate the area

Honestly, I have no idea what these buildings are, I just liked the shot through the reeds :) Though my knees and back didn't!


  1. I love these old style buildings full of character, such a change from anonymous new boxes...

    1. They are really nice, aren't they? I first saw about 12 years ago when I was recovering from tonsillitis and needed some fresh air. When I had got to the point of being able to move for more than 2 minutes and not needing to sleep for the afternoon to recover I went for a 'short'cycle ride, which turned into about 30 km's :) At the half way point I stopped across from this factory and thought that it would be great to get back here and take a photo.

      It took some time before I managed it, and looking at the regeneration I'm glad I didn't take much longer! And I'm so happy with the results, much better than I could have managed a couple of years ago!

      A number of these are now on the walls of my office to try and make the space a little more personal!

  2. Nice pictures Stacy and you know what, I worked at the architect’s office that designed the new skin and floors of the sugar silo’s.

    1. Thanks!

      Cool link. After getting there and seeing lots of signs for 'Sugar City' we had to search to see what it was! Such a shame about the downturn - the original plans for the area looked stunning!

      Are the interiors as impressive as the outside?

  3. I love the monochrome look of the factory. Lovely pictures.

    Calie xxx

    1. Thanks - it was great to get out and about again - and have some idea of what I wanted to do before starting!

      Not sure what my next trip will be though!