Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Well the neighbours know...

This weekend we went for a long weekend away.  I left on Friday with my brother in law to go to Assen to watch the Dutch MotoGP.  We watched the final practice and qualification and then went to our little house (normally we camp, but this time we decided to rough it in a 6 person bungalow :p).  We sat in the relaxing peaceful garden in the middle of the woods chatting and listening to nature.  That is a huge change from a camp site closer to the track where you spend the night listening to engines being destroyed...

The next morning we left early to get back to the track after a full English breakfast (one of the only times I treat myself to one all year).  At the track we watched the warm up and then went for a walk to get coffee (there was one decent coffee tent and it was about 8km total walk from our seats.  And no that is not an exaggeration.  But the coffee was worth it :)

The racing in 125 and Moto2 was spectacular with the lead changing constantly.  Wonderful to watch.  MotoGP was impressive as always, thought the racing was not spectacular.  We got superb seats this time though, the corner where our stand was seemed to have the most overtakes.

So the races left and after being stuck in the car parks for a couple of hours whilst the traffic people totally failed to direct the traffic in anyway what so ever.  In fact some of the people walking managed to do a better job...  Worst part of he weekend!

Anyway, we left and got back to the flat where Mrs Stace, her sister and my neice and nephew had arrived and were busy sorting food (there is a reason why we had a house this time and were not on a cheap camp site!)  We had a lovely meal and spent the evening chatting and drinking.

On Sunday we went with the kids to a fairytale park where they had a fantastic time and we enjoyed playing with them.  There was also a an amount of working out trying to keep up with my niece whilst she was playing in the climbing thing that they had (about the size of two houses put together like a maze, I have to admit it was fun - but I was shattered and she had barely started and I consider myself fit!)

Swimming when we got back to the camp site and I managed to pull a muscle keeping my niece entertained (twirling her around on a large float and my side suddenly went pop).  And I was stuck in pain for the rest of the evening :)

On Monday we came home and I got changed (I am spending more time as Stacy these days, as per my post yesterday) and we went food shopping for the week.

We got home, and whilst emptying the car our neighbours 14(ish) year old daughter came out to get something from their car.  She stood up very well I think.  We are not really on better terms than 'Hello' anyway (what is it with modern life that means you no longer know your neighbours) and so I wouldn't have expected more than that.  I didn't get that, but I didn't get more than a bit of a confused look from her either.

I think it's safe to say that my neighbours know about Stacy now...   Oh well it had to happen - we'll see what the fall out is.  On the bright side I can now sit in the sun in the garden without worrying about the implications for Mrs Stace (getting caught for a good reason is one thing, but to sit in the garden seemed like asking for trouble in my mind.  Stupid I know, but I thought it was fairer to her).

Of course living with the implications for myself is different...  I had a, er, distinct sunbrun pattern on my upper body this morning - the neckline on Stacy's clothing is a little different to my normal clothes.  Thankfully I always wear shirts with a high neck as him so it wasn't visible :)

And something to leave you with...  My MotoGP hero!  (a quick selection from the 600 I took over the weekend, long live digital SLR's where you can take what you want without worrying about the cost of getting the film developed!)



  1. Hi Stacy,

    It just keeps getting better and better. Won't take long now for the rest of the neighborhood to know.

    I'm still praying for your meeting next week with your work etc.

    Glad you had a good weekend.

    Love the telltale sunburn. HEHE.

    Many Blessings, Prayers, and Hugs,


  2. Hi Cynthia,

    I don't know what the rest of the neighbourhood think. I don't know any other them to be honest. I think that in this type of place you meet people at the school gates. As we have no children we don't meet anyone...

    It was a great weekend, though it did deafen me slightly :)


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  4. If you have along day ahead of you it can be great! Before the TT is one day where it's worth it and when we are in the UK and planning a long day out it's nice. One of the best things about the an English B&B :)

    A decent coffee is always worth it - last week at the fairytale playground I ordered a coffee from their restaurant and was quite disappointed when an instant cafe latte appeared - I didn't realise that professional places still used instant! I didn't order a second one, it was disgusting!

    I am not too worried about the neighbours for me. But I am for Mrs Stace - she is still working through the situation and could do without problems with neighbours. Nothing bad has come from them yet, hopefully it will stay that way.

    Thanks! I love taking shots of the bikes at the TT - having decent kit makes all the difference when you've got bikes travelling 100mph plus through the corners. I have to go through my shots and no doubt I'll post some more.

    Not quite pro yet though :)


  5. It is a little un nerving when people we dont know to well, start to find out.
    I know at that point I remember feeling that I was no longer in control and that everything was now out in the real world.
    It is a necasary step and you seem to taking a sensible approach to it.
    The balance between what we need and our partners need is a tough balance to keep but it seems to me you are doing a good job at it.

  6. Sounds like a good weekend Bikes a track a camera and family time and girly time :-) what more could a girl whant lol

    as for the naubuers iam whating to see what my new naudurs reacsion is going to be
    hope it works out well xx

  7. Lisa: This is something that I have been worried about since I started to go to therapy as Stacy last year. On one hand I was hoping it would happen sooner than later so as to get it out of the way, and on the other hand I never wanted to have to see what their reaction was...

    I know what you mean about the control. So far the people that know are people I somewhat trust to keep it as private as it should be kept. But not now...

    Thanks for the words. The balance for partners is important, and difficult. We are both going at our own speed, which is not always the same speed as the other person is going. Knowing when to wait, and knowing when you have to keep going is tough. But so far we seem to be thinking of each other along the way. I hope that continues.

    Nikki: The bikes were just amazing as always. How something with an engine so small can be so loud I do not know! And I still can't get over how larger than life the MotoGP riders appear in real life when on the track. Very impressive.

    We love spending time with Mrs Stace's sister and her family. We visit them every week, and woe betide us should we not be able to go one week - my niece and nephew wait for us to arrive and get upset should we not turn up!

    As for the neighbours, so far I have not heard anything. I have caught our next door neighbour giving a weird look at the house when he walked past after the event, but who knows if this was connected..


  8. The pictures are awesome!

  9. :) If I could ever drum up the courage to fly I would love to get some from the Cork Screw in Laguna Seca! That has to be one of the most spectacular corners in the world!

    Once I work through them I think I'll post some more from that weekend :)